Using Custom HTML in your DDL Documentation Output

The DDL Wizard is freeware - you can download and use it as much as you wish. However, the formatting of the comments in the generated SQL code and the layout of the HTML pages produced by the DDL2HTML generator are necessarily rather generic.

We sometimes get asked if we will customize the content and format of the DDL Wizard display so that it fits in with a specific corporate look-and-feel. We can create a custom version for you, but will need to charge a small fee to cover our costs.

Here's an example of some custom formatting in the DDL comments. The formatting of the HTML in the DDL documentation tree can look like any web page you wish. Here is an example of a generic page and one with added customization.

Please note that a custom version is not the same thing as a supported version. A custom version is a one-time version of the public DDL Wizard which you may distribute throughout your workplace without further cost. Other than the customizations, it is still just the freeware public DDL Wizard.

Please contact us for all enquires regarding a custom version of the DDL Wizard.