DDL Wizard Features

The DDL Wizard software extracts and displays the DDL structure in Oracle export files. It is entirely PC based and makes no connections to any Oracle database. The features listed below are available in both the unsupported, supported and custom versions.

  • View various DDL components (or groups of components) in a neatly formatted and intuitive manner.
  • Create dependent object scripts. For example, the DDL for a table (or group of tables) and all of the associated indexes, primary keys, synonyms etc can be viewed at the press of a button.
  • Generate drop, truncate (including foreign key disables and re-enables) or recompile scripts for any DDL object or group of objects.
  • Generate SQL scripts which can recreate a schema and all its DDL components.
  • Write the DDL out as HTML pages. The HTML pages are presented in an intuitive and interlinked tree structure that can be accessed by any web browser. (View Sample)
  • Easily strip storage clause and tablespace information from table and index DDL.
  • Create rule files which can manipulate the DDL in a consistent and reproducible manner.
  • Quickly get at the information you need. The DDL Wizard is very fast - no database connection is required. The DDL Wizard reads standard Oracle export files (created with the ROWS=N option). The DDL scripts can be generated from any Oracle database v8 or greater.
  • System Requirements